• Q 1. Do I pay for registration?

No, registration is free. You pay only for orders.

  • Q 2. Are there minimum monthly purchases?

No, there are no mandatory monthly purchases. For personal use you can buy them with any regularity and for any amount.

  • Q 3. When I start to earn?

From the very first Client or Partner.

  • Q 4. Do I need to buy the products?

If you want to receive remuneration from your group, then you need to purchase one of the subscription packages – Autoship (100 PV (value points))!

  • Q 5. Do subscription sets (Autoship, ABO) have better prices?

Yes. Subscription packages or Autoship sets are beneficial even if just for personal consumption.

  • Q 6. Do I receive income from my personal consumption volume?

Yes. You get bonus from your personal consumption volume if you have reached next level in your business position.

  • Q 7. What is next business position?

It is the first step and called the Manager. Starting with the Manager level, you will receive the full range of bonuses offered by PM-International marketing plan!

  • Q 8. How can I become Manager?

You need to sell the Product in the amount of 600 PV (value points), and you can do it in different ways – alone or together with your team!

  • Q 9. What is the easiest way to become Manager?

The easiest, simplest and most profitable way is to create your own team!

  • Q 10. How should look my ideal team?

The ideal team means that you have 5 friends who also purchased a subscription set, thus you in all a total of at least 600 points (most likely it will be more, because FitLine products are really good)!

  • Q 11. Why would my friends come to business?

If they have a similar motivation as you, then they will! And you will be the one who helps them to create their own teams of five friends!

  • Q 12. Clear! And how fast can I achieve, say 1,000 euros per month, trip, car…?

It depends,.. but can happen incredibly fast, if you are a team player! The first 5 friends will bring you Manager bonuses. Their 25 friends will bring you halfway (meanwhile your first 5 friends will reach Manager level) … but with a team of friends 1-5-25-125 You have already reached their coveted first goal!
Do not forget that your friends probably also want 1,000 euros, travel and car, so keep helping them! Now you can raise the next goal! How about 5,000 euros a month? Just one more line: 1-5-25-125-625 and your first five friends also traveling with you and getting their first car! Check what 19 year-old student Giulia Romanelli has to say about success!