PM-International – A First Direct sales company certified by German Control Board

How does it sound – work from home, earn 100, 1.000, 5.000 or more euros per month within less than a year? Living a healthy lifestyle with your family and friends at the same time.

Here is the key – PM-International – A First direct sales company certified by German Control Board. PM already has 5 of the Top 200 Income Earners in the World! It’s proven and it PAYS! Examine Marketing Plan Yourself. Sales are rocketing and beating own forecasts. This is an opportunity to benefit from global trends and join one of the most innovative and successful companies in the world, the company named #1 in 2018, according to

Record breaking Year 2018! +32% sales growth, reaching a total of USD 833 million! The biggest in Germany, the 14th in the World 2019! The target  – one BILLION dollar mark this year!

PM-International sales numbers

FitLine products are unique and extremely efficient, due to patented NTC® and NanoSolve technologies. They are safe and doping free. Be you a kid, woman, man, junior, senior, student, amateur or professional, you will find your ideal set. USE and SHARE your experience with others and EARN some extra income.

If you care about your well-being both financial and physical, read on, as this site describes the business opportunity with German company PM-International. Get inspired by the Interview on PM Blog with one of PM-International’s successful team partners Giulia Romanellior listen to what Giulia has to say on YouTube. Of course, not everyone is reaching growth as quickly as Julia Romanelli. However, your consistence and persistence will yield results sooner or later. USE, TALK, DEMO! Look around and you will find many people who have already changed their lives, regardless of their origin, profession, status etc.

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.” – J.P. Morgan

Business opportunity with PM-International

PM-International – privately owned German company founded by the executive chairman of the board Rolf Sorg in 1993. Company develops and sells its patented and premium dietary supplement (the FitLine series) and cosmetic products (the BeautyLine series) worldwide. It uses network marketing remuneration model to reward its partners and is the first direct sales company that has received a professional certificate and seal for fair direct sales issued by the German Control Board and is a Member of Direct Selling Association.

Even the best seller is as reliable in the long run as the products he sells are good.

To stay on the path to success, PM-International is constantly working on developing new and improved products. It owns 64 Patents on their Nutritional and Beauty Products and is now the market leader in Germany and is one of Europe’s largest direct marketing companies in the areas of health, wellness and beauty, among the TOP15 most successful network marketing companies around the world. Its premium products are recognized not only by ordinary people, but also among TOP level athletes around the world. The numbers are growing!

Well-being and independence

2. Strong Financials

Total turnover of the PM Group reached 632 million US dollars in 2017. A growth of 37% YoY. Record breaking Year 2018 +32% sales growth, already USD 833 million! Equity ratio is around twice as high as the average capital base of medium-sized German companies. One of Germany’s TOP-100 medium-sized companies.

7. Dream Car

An opportunity to lease the dream car from one of participating car dealers. Depending on the Marketing Plan Position, PM-International will pay some, or even all, of leasing payments. Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, you name it.

8. Dream Vacations

Intensive work - proper rest. Dreaming about crystal clear water, fantastic beaches, sunshine, romantic sunsets with friends or family? It's all possible with PM-International's travel incentives - as soon as you qualify, you will be rewarded.

9. Secured Aging

Pension plan model together with one of the World's largest insurers. Each Team Partner has an opportunity to set up additional pension via PM-International, as soon as a certain Marketing Plan Position has been reached.

What now

The good news, you don’t have to quit your job or give up your current occupation or profession you love. Just set aside some time for this activity as well. Do it part time as an extra job and enjoy all benefits altogether.

If all of the above said – sales records, athlete achievements, feedback from users still has convinced you and the story seems interesting, 

Join us, register as a Teampartner and start with ordering Optimal Set.

Once you try the products, you will definitely want to share your findings with your family and friends.

Even if for some reason you will not want to engage in business later on, you, your relatives or your friends will have a wonderful experience and possibly FitLine products will become an integral part of your everyday diet. Not to mention, as a partner, you will always be able to buy products with a partner discount. In other words – it is a win-win situation. And there is no single argument against trying it out.

You are always welcome to contact us!

USE, TALK, DEMO – Your Road to Success

  • Step 1. TAKE A DECISION and Become a Partner

Register with PM-International. Order a preferential order and your own Autoship. Use and enjoy the Products. You will also receive additional information on your e-mail, as well as your first business tool – personal domain (www.******* This tool will allow you to register your new Partners and your clients.

NOTE! By subscribing to Autoship you get additional discount and qualify for an Income, but most importantly – you never miss them both.

  • Step 2. Set aside time & position yourself!

While you experience results think about your goals. Plan your time for doing business, as success comes only with discipline and work. How much time are you going to devote for your new business? What is the income level you want to achieve? How fast you want to go on fully paid vacations or have a car? Perhaps the most important is not exactly how much time, but it should be on regular basis. Set up your goals for next month, three & six months.

  • Step 3. Duplicate

Now, when you know the Products, share your own experience with others. Secure yourself up to 6 simultaneous incomes as a Manager. Thrill and register 5 Key Persons on Autoship/Abo. Search for Partners who share same vision, goals and passion with whom you want to build your business. 

“… you will move in the direction of the people that you associate with. So it’s important to associate with people who are better than yourself.” (Warren Buffett)

Be a role model for others yourself.

  • Step 4. Get Going, Help your Partners

Now, when you have found your first Partners and received your first income, readjust your focus. Work with your key persons: joint activities, 2:1 meetings, business presentations. Aim: building up a basis of five, three levels deep. Just 5 Partners. This is exactly how many you need to qualify for all the benefits. Most importantly, You will be successful as long as your Partners will, so help them. It’s a long time relationship!

  • Step 5. Repeat

Readjust for a new goals! There is no limit ahead!

Check frequently asked questions.

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Act now

Yes, it’s the right company with the right products at the right time and proven long term vision and strategy. Your success will depend on the efforts you put in. Passion and consistency will pay off. It is going to be a long term relationship, first, with the partners or people of your choice, but at the end you will come up with friends you never knew before, who share same values and same dreams as you. For now, welcome to start now if ready, or look around for more inspiration from numerous testimonials. Dream big, learn from the best and develop yourself! Most importantly – HAVE FUN! One thing is for sure, once you try Activize, you will never forget the taste and boost of energy it gives!


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