Why FitLine®? – An optimized nutrition solution

Everyone should be healthy, positively charged to enjoy life at full capacity. Eating a balanced diet (such as one based on the food pyramid), improves our chances of having an ideal health and body. There are sayings like, “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are,” “Man is what he eats” or “You are what you eat.” In other words, The food we eat affects the state of our mind and health, or our eating habits play a big role. Sure, it’s not everything. It’s a combination of things, such as genetics, exercise, or lack of it, nutrition and environment.

Proper nutrition is essential in order to stay healthy and maintain high level of energy nowadays, in the world of increased physical or mental loads. From passive recipients of health care, we need to become active and responsible of our health and wellbeing. If this philosophy resonates with you, possibly you will find some useful information here for yourself as well.

Why FitLine? An innovative holistic product concepts that stand out! FitLine supplements provide virtually all the nutrients and vital substances that a person needs daily. They are unique and extremely efficient, due to patented NTC® and NanoSolve technologies, used in manufacturing process. They are also safe and doping free. It’s a unique holistic concept. Therefore, it is not surprising why FitLine products are becoming more and more recognized worldwide!

Athlete’s performance highly depends on proper nutrition as they are performing on human capacity limits. Check for testimonials from individuals to professional athletes. More on the web. Nothing is more convincing than a personal experience.

From waking up to bedtime!

The ideal anti-aging program for the cells consists of three premium FitLine® products also called Optimal Set. The products are in powder form and all you have to do is supplement your usual diet in the morning with FitLine® Activize, in the midday with FitLine® Basics and at night with FitLine® Restorate. Seize this opportunity to give your body the chance to regain its health by taking this product daily for at least three months.

Optimal Set addresses the main causes of concern which are:

  • lack of nutrients and vital substances;
  • oxidative stress;
  • lack of oxygen in the cells;
  • over-acidity in the body.

113.50 € (3.78 €/portion)*

~115 eur/month for complete set of highest quality nutrients, vitamins, fibers, minerals etc., all the stuff your body needs, isn’t that worth?

Morning / Mid Day – Activize Oxyplus


31.90 € (1.06 €/portion)*

Mid Day – Basics


62.60 € (2.08 €/portion)*

Evening – Restorate


25.40 € (0.84 €/portion)*

More Energy & Better Performance

FitLine® Activize Oxyplus improves blood circulation and provides more oxygen to your cells. Activize aloows you to perform better no matter what you are doing – physical exercises or mentaly demanding work. Your muscles and brain benefit from the increased oxygen levels in cells. More energy, more concentration ability.

Your Daily Essentials

FitLine® Basics – important vitamins, 9 Soluble & Insoluble Fibers from fruits, vegetables and cereals, 32 different type of Plant Enzymes, Curcuma, Antioxidants and 2 Straind of Probiotics to promote a healthier digestive system which is the precondition to better absorbtion of any nutrients.

For Regeneration

FitLine® Restorate – an effective combination of vitamins and minerals for regeneration. It serves as an alkaline buffer to facilitate the balancing of body’s pH. The minerals and trace elements could help to overcome or prevent the health implications and complications caused by the acidic body constitution. Perfect “night cap”.

Recommendation: The product should be consumed on daily basis for a period of 90 days to feel maximum results.

* – prices may vary by country

Other FitLine products:

Omega 3 + E, PowerCocktail Junior, Q10 Plus, Heart Duo, Gelenk-Fit, Fresh, Zellschutz Antioxy, ProHape Amino, Sesam-Snack, Herbaslim tea, ProShape SOYA, Pro-B-4 Yoghurt, Fitness-Drink, Activize PowerDrink, Munogen

Whatever is your motive, with FitLine® supplements you can either:

1. Improve your well-being

2. Achieve new goal in your career

3. Earn an extra income

If you care about your well-being or want to help your metabolism, FitLine® and FitLine® Skin is for You. Be you a kid, woman, man, junior, senior, student, amateur or professional, you will always find your ideal set of FitLine® supplements. Buy and try out FitLine® products right away, or register as partner and enjoy preferential discounts for personal consumption immediately. Share your experience with others and get some extra income. Check business section and find out how you can benefit from being a partner.

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14-day Detox with D-Drink.

If You are in need and ready to restore your natural vitality? Look no further. Enjoy the new D-Drink experience! This delicious 14-day detox is made with the exclusive NTC and is perfect for anyone who wants to take their health to a whole new level!

  • 14-day program with only 1 portion a day;
  • Perfect complement to the FitLine Optimal Set;
  • Delicious combination of high-quality natural ingredients;
  • Low in sugars (exclusive stevia extract).

32.90 € (2.35 €/portion)*

Why Fitline® products are so exceptional?

1. Unique technologies NTC®, patent pending NanoSolve

Absorbtion is the matter of Time & Availability of the Active Substances, NOT on the amount.

The FitLine® supplements are manufactured with the exclusive Nutrient Transport Concept® (NTC), delivery process developed by PMI’s scientists. It brings nutrients to the cellular level. NTC® = Quicker & Better Results! This is the main difference that makes them unique and so effective. While most supplements on the market today allow for about 15-30% absorption, FitLine® products allow nearly 100% absorption. There is an immediate increase in performance and concentration, accompanied by visible signs such as better skin, hair and nails. The immune system, heart and circulatory functions are strengthened.

2. Non-GMO, gluten-free

The FitLine® dietary supplements are non-GMO, gluten-free, produced from natural ingredients and contain no artificial sweeteners or dyes!

3. Safe & Doping free

FitLine® products are highly valued by many top athletes worldwide (Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Mikaela Shiffrin, Bruno Spengler and many more). PM-International is the official supplier of various sports associations (Austrian Skiing Association, German Ice Hockey Associations, and Swiss Handball Association, just to name a few). It is the only company authorized to use the Cologne List Certification Seal (www.koelnerliste.com) – a published list of the nutritional supplements that are safe and doping free. A must for professional athletes.

4. Quality and purity

All products are manufactured in Germany according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which is pharmaceutical standard. Purity and quality are constantly monitored by nutritional experts and biologist in the PM-International Scientific Advisory Board. They are tested by TÜV-SUD ELAB and have Halal Certificate.


Stay younger with FitLine® Skin

With FitLine® Skin your skin will radiate with freshness, energy and vitality – wrinkles will be noticeably reduced. A visibly younger complexion and noticeable smoothing for every demand and skin type.

FitLine® Skin products like FitLine® supplements are manufactured with the same exclusive Nutrient Transport Concept® (NTC). The NTC complex imitates the multi-layered defence system of the skin in an intelligent way and neutralizes the substances that are responsible for premature skin aging. Bio- available ingredients such as Carotenoids and Thiotaine are transported quickly and directly to the skin cells and deploy their anti-aging effects.


Winter Games 2018! – 69 athletes from 33 disciplines

FitLine is official supplier of the german skiing national teams DSV (German Ski Federation since 2009), ÖSV (Austrian Ski Federation since 2009), PZN (Polish Ski Federation since 2010), DEB (German Ice Hockey Association since 1998), ÖSH (Austrian Sports Aid since 2010) and more.

Above all, it is no more secret that optimal nutritional supply plays an important role in achieving high-quality sporting results and is key factor to success! Victory or loss is no longer determined solely by talent, effort, mental stability. For many elite athletes and their coaches, the optimal nutrition offer has proven to be a key factor in improving performance. It is especially important to start it with taking care of the younger generation which deserves a full-fledged and high-quality diet, as never before, regardless of sporting activities.

  • A greater performance level;
  • Greater competitive creativity;
  • Greater performance will;
  • Improved immune system;
  • Greater fortification against stresses and strains;
  • Greater recuperative and regenerative capabilities;
  • Significantly greater resilience.
Novak Djokovic (Serbia)
  • World #1 in men’s singles tennis by ATP
  • 16  Grand Slam titles
  • The only male player in tennis history to hold all four Grand Slams   at once
  • Winner of all ATP Masters

The success of Djokovic is based on many and different circumstances. Nutrition is one of them. It is worth listening to the champion. Do not miss to read the book “Serve To Win:  The 14-Day Gluten-free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence” by Novak Djokovic, where he describes how the change of diet helped him to achieve his childhood dreams.

Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) – Alpine skiing

“…. a once-in-a-lifetime talent who achieves in ways never seen before.” (Nancy Armour /USA TODAY)

  • World Cup Crystal Globe winner
  • Olympic Champion
  • World Champion

“That first gulp of Activize is the best! I was looking for something safe with almost instant results, and these products are my answer. I take Activize midday for mental clarity. PM is on the cutting-edge with evolving products, and pushing the envelope to keep it safe with great results.

Matt Wilhelm (USA) – American Football

  • Former Green Bay Packers Linebacker and Super Bowl XLV Champion

“The first word that comes to mind when talking about FitLine is safe. As professional athletes, we have to be cognizant of what we put in to our bodies. I have tried a lot of fitness supplements, but there is nothing as good as PM products. That first gulp of Activize is the best!

I was looking for something safe with almost instant results, and these products are my answer. I take Activize midday for mental clarity, and Restorate is the first non-prescription product that has put me to sleep like a baby. PM is on the cutting-edge with evolving products, and pushing the envelope to keep it safe with great results.”

Kalvis Kalnins (Latvia) – Karate

  • 2019  Champion of 2nd European Games
  • 2018 European Championship – Bronze
  • 2017 European Champion
  • 2013 World Combat Games – Silver
  • 2010 World Championship – Bronze
  • 2009 U21 World Championship – Silver
  • 2009 European Junior Champion

“Karate, as in any martial arts, requires high concentration and good physical fitness. In order to succeed, I have to be well prepared and be in focus all the time. In a matter of seconds the battle may be over both in training session or in the competition battle. And here comes the FitLine. Activize and Fitness Drink helps me to maintain high concentration and to increase endurance during extended training sessions and competitions, but at the end of the day Restorate is the one that helps me to regenerate myself much faster. Now, when I have become a part of Latvian Olimpic Team, I was not surprised to see that FitLine is on its recommended list of products. This is logical because the products are safe and deliver the result.” Follow me and fitlinekarate on Instagram.

Agnese Kruminliepa (Latvia) – Tennis

  • 5th in W35 Singles ranking according to Seniors ITF

“I’m a certified tennis trainer with ITF1 (International Tennis Federation) certificate training kids and juniors at Adazi Tennis School. My job requires to maintain high energy level for long hours every day. I also use to participate in worlds senior tournaments from time to time and know how important proper nutrition is for an active lifestyle I live. I know FitLine for years, Activize and FitnessDrink help me and my colleagues throughout a day to maintain high energy level, which enables to deliver highest quality of training experience to kids. Restorate helps me unwind and regenerate after intensive and long training hours in the evening. I highly recommend Fitline to anyone looking to be healthier.”

Kaspars Zvaigzne (Latvia)

  • Owner of Sports Education Agency(www.sportaizglitiba.lv)

“Our agency educates future sport coaches. Nowadays proper nutrition is essential, if one wants to be stay healthy and be successful in professional career. We have discovered FitLine. Those products deliver exceptional results, no wonder why they have become increasingly popular among top athletes. We highly recommend FitLine, both for our future coaches and for anyone who values quality, safety and results.”

Agneta Aksenenko (Latvia)

  • Multiple Latvian Champion in Mini Triathlon

“I’m certified swimming and aqua aerobics instructor and supporter of healthy lifestyle. Nutrition is particular interest of mine. My Master’s Thesis at University was all about nutrition and vitamins. Currently working on a book. I have tried a variety of different kind of dietary supplements, but when introduced to FitLine, I really noticed the difference. Recommend FitLine products to everyone, be it for performance or simply for better well-being”


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